Unlocking lockdown, unleashing potential

In one fell swoop, the UK Government has achieved a dual coup. They have given a beleaguered nation some real hope of a return to normal at the very same time as convincing us all to remain patient for four more months of tight social confinement. While everyone’s eyes may, understandably, be focused on the prize of the complete lifting of social restrictions by late June, what we should be doing is using the four-month countdown to that blissful day as an opportunity to hone skills, rebuild businesses, realign ambitions and reset our targets. We need to rebuild a country that is smarter, better equipped to cope with the promise and the pitfalls of global trade, and one that is more open than ever to communicating a positive message to our worldwide partners. A combination of extraordinary scientific feats and many dedicated medical professionals seem to have won the war against the pandemic – but the act of winning the peace is every bit as challenging. This battle belongs to us all and the first step is to understand how we want the future to look and who we plan to share it with. Then we need to realise that vision.